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The NoteCom Process

Selling your notes is an EASY 5 step process…..

  1. Complete the NoteCom Quick Quote form or call toll free at 1-877-399-1211 and speak to one of our real estate experts. We will analyze your information and contact you with a preliminary quote. If you decide to continue, we will work with you to obtain the necessary documents to complete a “Preliminary Review of Note Purchase”.
  2. If you decide to sell your note, NoteCom, Inc. will submit an offer letter. Upon acceptance of the offer letter, parties involved will execute a Purchase Agreement.
  3. NoteCom, Inc. will work with you to complete a “Borrower Information Checklist” for each note and we will work to coordinate all needed documents. After confirming the property value and clear title, NoteCom, Inc. will arrange for the closing.
  4. Depending on logistics and mutual preference, the closing can be done either in person, or by express mail. If the closing is to be done in person, you will receive a copy of the closing documents for review prior to the closing. You will bring the original loan documents to closing. If closing is done by mail, the actual closing documents will be sent either directly to you, or to a closing/escrow agent (attorney or title company) in your area. The entire package will need to be signed and notarized as applicable and returned to us along with the original loan documents.
  5. Finally, as soon as the pertinent documents are recorded at the local courthouse, and all closing instructions are met, your funds can be disbursed to you. This is done in the form of a certified check or through ACH to the bank of your choice.

    Typically, the entire process, through funding, can be completed in 10 business days or less. Much depends on how quickly we receive what we need from you.

  • About Us

    NoteCom, Inc. specializes in the purchase of owner-financed, privately held, real estate notes. We are a direct buyer of real estate notes, thus eliminating costly broker fees and allowing you to receive the maximum cash offer for privately held real estate notes.

    With over 20 years of experience in the private note industry, our experienced staff of experts is available to provide you with a quick quote and makes it easy for you to get the most for your note.

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